martedì 8 settembre 2015

The Celebration of the end of Goose Project " Goose-iAmThere: nuova interfaccia innovativa ed inferente per i social networks attuali"

We are proud to communicate that, 17 September 2015, we celebrate the end of Goose project: " Goose-iAmThere: nuova interfaccia innovativa ed inferente per i social networks attuali" at Open Venezia in Mestre, Italy.

The project has the purpose to promote tech research and development.
We have developed Goose: an innovative iOS App to manage more social networks concurrently and simplify social network actions for the users. 
The project is funded by Sardegna Ricerche, in Sardegna, Italy. 

For the occasion there will be organized a happy hour party with buffet, music, drinks for all customers.
In fact, after different months and hard work, this event is a good opportunity for us to stay all together, meet new people and have an enjoyable day.

Last but not latest it can be a good occasion to find out about the features of Goose App.
So we waiting for you to celebrate with us.

lunedì 11 maggio 2015

Live "The space time map" with Goose App

One of such feature is a Space Time Map you may use to navigate into the dimensions of space (into the map surface) and in time (selecting the time window on which you want to look into the map).

To locate a point on a Space Time map you need a location and a time reference associated to any meaningful Social Network action Goose can read out of your Social Network channels related to you and your friends. A geo-localized Post or Tweet, a Check-In, a geo-referenced image coming from your Social Network feeds can be allocated onto a Space Time Map.

martedì 7 aprile 2015

Goose: discover what's happening, get in real time stories

Struggle to manage multiple Social Networks?  Do you want to discover what’s happening around you?

You may try Goose. It is FREE,  intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to simultaneously manage multiple Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn.

With Goose you can organize your contacts into different groups of Circles and get latest stories from all your Social Networks through Timelines.

Cross Sharing feature is another integral part of this App. It allows you to share posts or tweets, check-ins and more across Social Networks.

Download the App and get Goosed!
Live a unique experience around you and across social networks. ;-)

martedì 10 febbraio 2015

Cross Sharing by Goose App

Cross Sharing in Goose is more than simply sharing the same post on multiple Social Networks, it is an integral part of the App.
You can get more information and download Goose App by http://www.goose-app.com/ 

lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Goose App: around you and across social networks

Goose is not another Social Network but it rather works in conjunction, above and across Social Networks to offer you the best integrated experience. However some Goose features may be interlinking users in some way. Goose will never replace an official Social Network App since it concentrate only on the most useful functions of each Social Network in your Social Networks set and to a maximum of 100 people around you. We call Goose a Meta Social Network App.

You were over flooded by “a bit of” unwanted information and Facebook Edge Rank/Story Bumping/… did not help you too much and now you can’t easily read your timeline anymore. We designed the Goose App to have a limited number of close friends. We set this limit to 100. We believe people need to stay in contact and share more and more sensibly with the people they like most. So 100 is a good guess for us, no over flood, close friends and maybe more. We are giving you the chance to look over all the “Ok, come-in” you were given too easily away to select your real friends in the sense the one you care most. If you do not want to select Goose will help you with its Merge Rank (see below) to automatically select the friends you interact more across multiple Social Networks not just one of them. Since we added a specific timeline for you (the Diary) we manage 101 profiles. So the 101 Highway is your safe Social Network Highway where you run with Goose. Your 100 friends can be subdivided into Circles and we created a simple set of Circles for you and one special the Core Circle.

We developed a more robust algorithm to guess what is going to be on your timeline based on a social metric, that is the social distance separating your friends from you. This algorithm works on a variety of data taken on social network channels (concerning your friends and you) and a set of factors associated to these data ontologies and of course the “interaction levels”. The biggest bang for the buck is to collect them on multiple Social Networks. We call this algorithm “Merge Rank” to recall the fact we work merging information from multiple Social Networks. Merge Rank works on diverse levels and for diverse topics. On one side it help defining who is “socially” closer to you and eligible to be included into the “core” circle (you have your Core definitions into the Circle/Core section of Goose and a dynamic view of the Core Circle is also available on the Universe Section of Goose) while on the other side it helps showing all the relevant data onto the only merged Timeline on the Goose HOME section (whereas all other friends timelines are simply served in chronological order).

We believed you were you would like to start from your friends when you want to see what they do, if they were active, when and where. So each friend of yours has a single timeline where to blend all the Social Network feeds from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. related to any “action” he did on that place. The most important thing to know is that you will see on this timeline all his/her activity on all Social Networks in your set he/she is active on, in chronological order, nothing will be missing. The only exception to single user timelines is the Home (page) Section timeline where we merge all the data, again in time order, applying also an algorithm to manage it in the most useful way for you. In this timeline we merge diverse friends activity (coming from the 101 Highway), so this is a multi-user timeline.

On Goose you may logically define a Social Network working set by selecting all the most important Social Networks. Once logged and activated, Goose silently will start collecting a limited amount of data referring to you and your friends by scanning all the Social Networks in your set. Goose most delicate task is to bail out across privacy, data policies, API limitations and policies: this is a very sophisticated task to be accomplished on the incoming side of Goose. On the outgoing side Goose offers Cross Sharing functionalities across all the Social Networks in the set (even if each Cross Sharing operation may just simply switch on and off Social Network channels as you like). So, to answer to this question: you activate a number of Social Networks (say 5) you want Goose to work on incoming side and Goose starts collecting your friend data and yours on those channels (Posts, Check-Ins, Tweets, Images, Like, Re-tweets, Mentions, …) and will blend all these data into a single timeline for each friend of yours. So, there are limits (one of such limit is the API limits given by the various Social Networks) but Goose has a mechanism to prevent hitting these limits. It is anyway a fact that 5 to 8 Social networks are a good guess for a Social Networks set in Goose.

What are you waiting for?
Download Goose Social and simplify your social network life.